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All-Terrain Stages

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The perfect indoor and outdoor stage, All Terrain Staging, boldly goes where no stage has gone before! This revolutionary staging is modular, height adjustable and available in both weather-proof and weather-resistant finishes. What makes it really special is that it can be set-up on uneven ground and slopes. The Stage Depot's All-Terrain Staging is the most rugged, heavy-duty portable outdoor stage on the market today.

  • Can be installed on flat as well as on uneven surfaces such as curbs, slopes and hills
  • Available in Industrial Finish and Weather-Proof All-Aluminum finishes.
  • Easy set-up by 2 people.
  • A single staging system can be adjusted to 24”, 32”, 40” and 48” with no extra components necessary.
  • Supports weight up to 757 KG / SQ M (157 LBS /SQ FT)
  • Lightweight, durable and rugged all-aluminum construction
  • Fast and easy assembly and dis-assemble
  • Can be configured in various heights and configurations to form chair risers and choral risers


Available in 2 surfaces weather proof and weather resistant


Adjusts to 4 different heights

Easy set-up on slopes and curbs


  • Modular, height-adjustable staging system based on aluminium construction.
  • Can be installed on flat as well as on uneven surfaces such as curbs.
  • Available in 4ft x 4ft platform sizes.
  • Available in industrial finish and weather-proof all-aluminium finishes.
  • Easy set-up by 2 people.
  • A single staging system can be adjusted to 24”, 32”, 40” and 48”high with no extra components necessary.
  • The application of this system is for outdoor street fairs, small to medium size concerts and various events.
  • Steps, ramps, guardrails, and transportation trolleys are available.

Weight rated at: 750 KG / SQ M (153 LBS /SQ FT).

Rugged, All-Terrain design works great for both indoor or outdoor applications. Flat Ground or slopes!


Our Brilliant and simple design is held in place by the force of our side panels and legs working together. 4 legs and 4 side panels create a square frame with a channel. The Platform is then placed into this channel and is held together by gravity. Smart and simple. The assembly of a basic stage is fast, easy and nearly tool-less. The same principles work together to link mutiple staging sections together as your stage grows in size.


Stage Platforms

Side Panels

Legs and Leg Components


Stage Steps

Stage Skirts

Guard Rails

Levelling Tool Designed to ensure that your stage is properly levelled during set-up. A bubble level is incorporated in the center of the tool and indicates which legs need to be finely adjusted in order to properly level the stage surface.

Spike Legs. Adjustable wedges attach to stage legs so your stage can be installed on extra steep slopes.

Slope Wedges Are required when your stage needs to be set up on a sloped ground surface. The Wedges attach directly to the All Terrain Leg base and are adjustable to almost any degree of slope.

Non-Slip Mats Are intended to protect wood, gym or carpeted floors. They also add traction and ensure that the stage will not move during use on slick surfaces such as a gymnasium floor.

Create seated risers or link multi-height stages together using our muti-height stage connector kit....

Special leg tubes and side attachments work together to link and create multi-levelled stages or seated risers at 8” intervals.