Mobile Stages with Wheels

Does your organization, school, or church put on events in a number of different places? A mobile stage would be an ideal choice for anyone who needs a stage that can be moved easily from place to place. The Stage Depot has several mobile stages for sale including stage wheel kits, Mobile folding stages, and Executive Mobile folding stages. Whichever stage on wheels you choose, you will find that it also comes topped with your choice of carpet, hardwood, or polypropylene. Portable stages on wheels allow for easy transport, whether across the room or across the campus. The wheels simply do the work for you. These stages can also be easily stored by folding them upthis way, they take up only minimal space when not in use.

We also carry mobile stage wheel kits, which enable you to transform your economy stages, deluxe stages, or custom staging into a mobile stage. These kits consist of special metal frames and stage wheels that are easily attached to the bottom of your stage to make it fully mobile. Purchasing a mobile stage or transforming your stage to become mobile is easy with The Stage Depot. We have all the staging accessories to make your events special and efficient.

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