Portable Staging Basics

The Stage Depot. It's all about value and convenience...

When it comes to portable stage systems, Stage Depot's modular, portable staging definitely upstages the competition. We carry the largest selection of staging in the country. All our stages can be easily set-up in a wide variety of heights, shapes and configurations by one or 2 people! And in many cases, our staging so economical that purchasing a stage for an event ends up being cheaper than renting one. The Stage Depot's portable stages are the perfect stage for any occasion or event. They can be used for band concerts, choir or theater performances, church assemblies, magic shows, store openings, hotel events, business meetings, fashion shows and more. Stages are available in many sizes, shapes and surface finishes. When shopping, It is important to consider the size of the area where you will be setting up your portable stage as well as the number of people you will need to accommodate. You will also want to leave room to put steps up so performers can get on and off the stage, and access the backstage room. Another issue to consider when purchasing a stage is who will be setting up the stage. Some of our stages can be set-up by one person and some of stages require 2 people to set-up. Usually 3' x 3' or 4' x 4' size stage panels are easier to set up than our larger 4' x 8' size panels.

It's all about convenience...

When it's time to break down, you'll find that disassembly and storage of your stage is equally convenient. Our staging is compact and can be stored in a relatively small storage space. Optional storage flight cases or dollies are also available so that you can easily transport your stage around your event venue when not in use.

Expandable and upgradable...

The good news is that as your needs grow, so can your stage system. All our stages are completely modular and customizable. Platforms and risers are available on an individual basis so you can customize your stage ( in different heights, configurations and sizes ) to accommodate both small and large events. Many customers start out with a small basic staging system and then add on to their system as their needs change. Optional upgrade accessories like stage skirts, guard rails, wheels, ramps and choral risers are also available.

More about Portable stages

Flexibility in Size, Shape and configurations.

Fast set-up and compact storage make Stage Depot's modular stages the perfect choice for small business and individuals that do not have a lot of space to store a large stage. Yet at the same time, our stages can be configured for large concerts, church assemblies, and municipalities and are so flexible that the same stage can be set-up as a small 8'x8' section for a small business meeting in a hotel conference room or a large 100' x 200' concert being held at the same hotel.

Different Shapes and Configurations

The same stage can also be set-up in different configurations such as a circle, square, rectangle, y shape, catwalk The possibilities are endless! As for the height of the stage, you will want to consider the size of the space, the height of the ceiling (if it is inside). The most popular stage heights are 16" and 24" high. Our stages are known for height flexibility. We offer staging options as low a 8" and up to 78" high.

Stage Surface Finish Options

Stage Surfaces

There are several of different types of deck surfaces you can choose from. There is the standard Carpet finished deck which provides good sound absorption and is economical for those on a budget. You can also choose a from a several hard surface finish options such as Hardboard, industrial, Tuff Coat or a black poly finish. Hard finishes are better if you intend to use your stage for activities such as dancing as carpet can get worn rather quickly.

Set-up on Flat Ground or Un-Even Terrain

When choosing a stage it is important to think about what type of surface or terrain it will be set-up on. Some of our staging can only be set-up and used only on flat surfaces and some of our staging has special height adjustable legs and can be set-up on uneven terrain, curbs, hills and slopes.

Stage Accessories


Steps are a good idea for portable stages that are set up at eight inches or higher.We recommend adding steps to all stages 8" or higher. We offer various step options with or without handrails.


Guardrails are good idea for preventing accidents, especially if there are small children using the stage or if the stage is set-up at a height higher than 16". We recommend 3 sides of guardrails for most stage set-ups.


Skirts are a good option if you need a more polished look. The most popular option is the surround 3 sides of the stage with skirts since usually stages butt up to a wall, but if the stage is in the middle of an event with seating all around it, using a stage skirt on all four sides is a better option.

Drum Risers

If a band is performing on the portable stage, you should get a drum riser for the drum set. Drum risers help decouple the drums from the floor and the walls, and help with the sound of the drums. Drum risers also give the drums a much purer sound.

Mobile Stage wheels

This is a good option if you are at an event where you need to remove the stage from the area quickly. Instead of dismantling the stage, you can simply wheel it out of the way as one mobile unit.


Stage Ramps are so that equipment or handicapped performers or guests can be wheeled on and off the stage easily. All handicapped ramps are ADA compliant and come standard with hand rails. Equipment ramps do not come with hand rails and are not ADA compliant.

Choral risers, seated risers and catwalks

Choral risers, seated risers and catwalks are also accessories you can add to your stage. Catwalks are great for fashions shows. Seated risers can be set-up in different configurations surrounding the stage so the audience can watch the performance and Choral risers can be used on the stage for church or choir performances or next the stage as well.