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Dual Height staging is a great value and is available in 2 different dual-height options (you can choose from stages that adjust from 16" to 24" in height or 24" to 32" in height). This economical modular staging comes in 4'x8' modular sections, is constructed from a high grade tubular steel frame with a solid plywood deck. Dual height staging features folding lock-in-place telescoping legs that can be height adjusted to 2 different heights. It also features a wide-grip comfort frame design which allows for easy gripping and comfortable handling while moving stage sections. This special frame design also provides a seamless, smooth no-trip surface for performers when platforms are connected together to form a bigger stage. Stages sections are combined together using special platform to platform mechanisms. As an added bonus the platform to platform connecters are removable so your stage can have a smooth outer finish for performer safety and for seamless for connection of stage skirting. These stages come with manufacturers warranty.

*Please note Dual Height staging only works with other Dual Height staging or accessories . If you need assistance putting together a Dual Height stage system that fits your needs and budget please call our friendly staging experts at: 877-884-3426 or email us at for a Fast Quote.