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Pro-Stage Staging

Our most professional system, Pro-Stage is a modular, height adjustable, telescoping leg staging system constructed of strong, yet light weight aluminum platforms and telescoping legs. Manufactured out of the finest high grade raw materials and to the highest quality specifications, Pro-Stage is proud to have earned the International TUV certificate of quality which ensures maximum quality and safety. Pro-Flex staging is available in a strong, Black Industrial surface finish. Stage panels easily connect together form a custom stage sizes to fit your needs. A key design feature that sets Pro-Stage apart is it's unique interchangeable, height-adjustable, telescopic legs. These legs make it possible to smoothly and precisely adjust the stage height to several different height ranges from as low as 16" to as high as 78" One of the highest ranges in the industry! These unique telescoping legs also allow your stage to be installed on different terrains such as slopes, hills and sidewalk curbs. A full range of accessories such as storage trolleys, guardrails, skirts and steps are also available. These stages come with a standard 10 year warranty.


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Pro-Stage Fast, Professional Set-up

Details Make the Difference

  • Panel to panel Connection system

  • TUV Rated Panels

  • Aluminum corners and cross profiles
    improve stability of platforms

  • Telescoping height adjustable legs
    With rubber feet for added traction

10 Year Warranty

Pro-Grade staging great for dynamic loads such as dancing or jumping.

Modular, height-adjustable, telescoping leg staging system based on aluminum construction.

Available 4’ x 8' platforms.

Available with various heights of adjustable legs which can be set heights ranging from 16" up to 78" (40cm to 200cm) high.

Available in strong, black Industrial top finish.

TUV rated to the highest international saftey standards. TUV rated at 500kg/m2.

This system is designed for various events and concert markets.

Can be set-up on hills, slopes, curbs, etc.

Weight rated at: (153.7 LBS/SQ FT)